Brian and his team played a pivotal role in our journey. SR Technologies evolved over 25 years into a prominent provider of advanced signal technologies within the defense sector. I met Brian years earlier and I knew that his experience and meticulous approach aligned perfectly with our needs for an eventual transaction. Cadence aided us in identifying several suitable buyers and patiently guided us through the preparatory steps, ensuring a thorough and detailed presentation of our business during the subsequent diligence process. Describing their efforts as tireless would be an understatement, considering the exhaustive analysis and guidance they provided. The Cadence team's impeccable process, coupled with Brian's expertise, culminated in a highly successful transaction. Selling our company was an immense undertaking and I could never have foreseen the innumerable complexities that arose. The Cadence team expertly guided us through every step with professionalism and dedication. The relationships forged during this collaboration are ones I anticipate lasting a lifetime. I wholeheartedly recommend Brian and the entire Cadence team for their exceptional capabilities.

Rick Lund

Chairman and Founder of SR Technologies

I was introduced to Brian Glass by industry peers of mine at All State Pallet of Orlando in November of 2021. We both engaged with Cadence within weeks of one another and shortly thereafter, Cadence began negotiations with Kamps National Pallet Solutions (among others) for both companies. Cadence treated our sale exclusively and with total confidentiality throughout the whole process. My team and theirs worked at an incredible pace to process the data and to time our sale appropriately given the dynamics in our industry. Brian’s banking acumen and skilled salesmanship provided a game plan we all followed, including an incredible legal team, to finalize a sale in less than a year. Thank you Brian and your entire team.

Matt Oliveira

Owner, Pallet Express of Jacksonville

Brian Glass and his entire team at Cadence did an impeccable job during my transaction. As I experienced first-hand, this process can be grueling, scary and overwhelming for business owners who built their company from the ground up. I was very selective when choosing who I would let in to assist me for this critical stage of our growth. From the moment I met with the Cadence team, I knew right away that I would be well cared for. They held my hand during the entire process and eased any doubts that came into play. I also loved how they worked any time of day or night to get my deal done. There was no time that was off limits to Brian and his team, they worked 24/7. To me, this demonstrates how dedicated they are to their clients. Professionalism, determination and hard work is what the Cadence team will bring to any company that is considering a significant transaction. They have the "magic formula" that is needed to get the job done and I was grateful to have them on my team.

Janell Stephens

Owner and CEO, Camille Rose

The pallet industry was rapidly consolidating. We knew two things – we needed to sell before the trend moved against us and we didn’t want to manage the sale process on our own. We were introduced to Brian and could tell we would be in good hands. He was straight-forward and honest with us from the beginning, and we worked well together. The entire Cadence team was amazing. They managed every step of the entire transaction process and told us exactly what we needed to do. They created competition among various buyers and they negotiated a solid purchase price. They worked 24/7 and were always available and responsive to us. I assumed the sale process would be complex, but now having been through it, I can say without a doubt, there’s no way we could have gotten the transaction completed without the expertise and guidance from the Cadence team.

Kyle and Rob Zuchowski

Owners, All State Pallets

Following up on a recommendation from our corporate attorneys for a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisor to assist us, DRMP was introduced to Cadence M&A Advisors. Their firm was the perfect fit for DRMP’s transaction needs especially after speaking directly with Brian Glass. Cadence provided DRMP with the necessary expertise and guidance to get us to a very successful conclusion. Brian and his team were available 24/7 throughout the entire process and after spending a considerable amount of time together, I’m glad to call Brian a colleague and a friend. I would recommend Cadence’s services to any firms considering an M&A transaction.  

Larry Smith

President, DRMP, Inc. 

David Bowman and his team at Cadence M&A Advisors were great to work with, and they managed the entire sale process of my manufacturing company beyond expectations. David’s business knowledge, professionalism, and vast M&A experience in analyzing the market and identifying the ideal list of prospective buyers were clearly demonstrated in a well-organized process that yielded a very smooth transaction and timely closing – Job well done, team Cadence!   

Hal Alameddine

President & Owner – Pikes Peak Plastics, Co.

Brian and his support team at Cadence represented DRMP through the entire process of selecting the right private equity partner for our firm. Their recommendation process helped narrow down the field to five potential firms that fit DRMP’s criteria giving us the right options to choose the best fit. Brian’s attention to detail and his team’s collaboration continued throughout the entire process. I can’t speak highly enough about Brian and the Cadence team’s dedication and responsiveness to our needs and how they worked tirelessly 24/7 until the deal was closed. In the end, the Cadence team helped us close a very successful transaction and we now have a great private equity partnership for the future.

Glenn Lusink

Chief Operating Officer, DRMP, Inc. 
MBS Highway

Thank you so much for your leadership, advice, and guidance as our investment banker.  We are very pleased with the results in achieving a very important liquidity event for MBS Highway.  You were always very responsive and walked us through the entire process and helped us make the best decisions in achieving both maximum valuations and a perfect fit with our new investors, who we love.  We would recommend your services at Cadence to anyone considering taking on investors.

Barry Habib

CEO, MBS Highway
Trilon Group

We enjoyed working with Brian and his team at Cadence as the buyer of a transportation engineering company they were advising. Brian ran a fair process and worked with both our team and with his clients to help navigate a complicated transaction. The result was a fantastic outcome for both parties, and we're appreciative for Brian and the team's help along the way!

Mick Renshaw

CEO, Trilon Group 
City Museum

Brian was great, really great, really really great! City Museum was a peculiar asset to sell and the New York investment bankers with whom I spoke just didn’t get it. Brian got it immediately. I felt like he and I were an effective team. He seemed to understand where I had gaps and he filled them. He pushed the transaction forward even when he was on vacation (including from a cruise ship). His dedication to me and to successfully completing the transaction was outstanding.

Dave Jump

Owner, City Museum
Hixwood Metal Logo

Because of David Bowman and his team, we were able to sell a moderately large family business while staying focused on running the business while David handled everything with the transaction.  I highly recommend David Bowman and his team to handle the sale of a company. They did a great job at Hixwood.

Paul Zimmerman

Hixwood Metal Inc
Profit Sword

Believing that I had a good handle on the details of my company, I attempted to manage the sale process on my own. In the end, the amount of work to complete the sale was overwhelming and the deal eventually fell through. I was then introduced to Brian Glass and his team. During the height of the pandemic, Brian found us a new buyer and put a better deal together with an even higher purchase price. Brian handled the vast majority of the heavy lifting, kept the deal on track, and guided me through every step of the process, keeping me focused and calm. We could not have completed the sale with such a successful outcome without the help of Brian and his team!

Tili Findley

Owner, ProfitSword, LLC 

I firmly believe that without Brian, our transaction would never have happened. We owned an innovative travel-related consumer products company headquartered in Switzerland and with global operations. Brian understood our objectives, knew this would be an unusual transaction but he was confident that he could deliver – and he did! Brian brought to us high caliber investors we could have never found ourselves. He negotiated an attractive price with favorable terms, creating competition among investors and helped us close an exciting transaction. I am thankful for Brian’s relentless effort and creative approach!

Allen Davidson

Owner, Travel Sentry
Alpine Investors

We had the pleasure of working with Brian and his team as the ultimate buyer of a software company they were representing. Brian ran an efficient, fair and transparent process which we would have appreciated regardless of the outcome for us. Ultimately, Brian was able to create a fantastic outcome for his clients while also being a good partner to us throughout the process which was a breath of fresh air.

John Wanglin

Alpine Investors
CFO Strategic Partners

From start to finish, Brian successfully negotiated the terms, guided the process, and oversaw the closing of a significant transaction for a mutual client.  Even more impressively, the transaction occurred in 2020 – the height of the pandemic – in the hospitality industry!  Brian’s client service approach is unmatched, and his knowledge of the transaction process is impressive .  He is always my first call when one of my clients is considering a transaction.

Meghan Dalton

CFO Strategic Partners

After our first go-to-market attempt with another investment bank had failed, we were introduced to Brian who came in with a totally different strategy which brought more relevant buyers to the table. Brian and his team got up to speed extremely quickly…they understood our business and positioned us to have meaningful conversations with potential buyers. Brian explained everything in clear detail and he was always accessible to us. The transaction we closed exceeded our expectations and I am so thankful for Brian's hard work and commitment. 

Lyle Dickler

CFO and Shareholder, Alpha Comm Enterprises
Profit Sword

Having Brian and his team as our M&A advisor was the ultimate relief that we were in good hands! We previously attempted a company sale without Brian’s or any M&A advisor’s guidance, which proved to be extremely stressful and we were ultimately unsuccessful. We were then introduced to Brian and his team and deciding to work with him was the best decision ever. He has a unique way of working with people (specifically, keeping me calm and focused during the process) and he was always professional, honest and he absolutely knows what he is doing! I would recommend Brian in a heartbeat!

Maureen Allen

President, ProfitSword
Capital Vacations

I truly credit Brian’s expertise and leadership with getting our transaction completed. We were the buyer of Brian’s client, SPM Resorts, which is a large timeshare management company on the east coast. The target was owned by its founder but he was mostly retired and absentee with the business being run by his management team. We were introduced to the opportunity later in the marketing process but Brian was open-minded enough to allow us to catch up. We encountered numerous obstacles during due diligence but Brian and his team worked collaboratively with us to find reasonable solutions, while still representing his client’s best interests. I’ve worked with a lot of investment bankers in my career and I consider Brian to be among the very best with whom I have worked. He’s smart, creative, honest and has great instincts around people and deal dynamics.

Jason Shroff

CEO, National Hospitality Group / Capital Vacations